Beetle, giant

As a part of the Monster Manual Project I proudly present to you Beetle Comma Giant.

I don't think I ever really noticed the person hiding behind the tree before.  I made them a little more obvious in my version.


"All beetles are basically unintelligent and always hungry"  AD&D Monster Manual

Ape, carnivorous

"The carnivorous ape is a larger, stronger and very aggressive relative of the gorilla...It hunger particularly for human flesh."  AD&D Monster Manual

Next up on the Monster Manual Project - Ape, carnivorous.  

Basically it's the sort of gorilla you would see in a Tarzan movie.


After the Bomb

Missed Tuesday again. So here's a game supplement from my collection.

The 80s.  It was a good time for table top role playing games.  The success of Dungeons and Dragons mission to corrupt the youth of America with it's satanic message was undeniable.  Soon everybody needed a role playing game.  Ghostbusters, Robotech, I even had modules for Star Frontiers based on the movies 2001 and 2010.  Which seemed like a super cool idea until I realized it would be really boring.

At the same time an underground black and white comic, which was mostly a parody Daredevil, was taking the country by storm.  It was the Teenage Mutant Teenage Turtles and they had a role playing game.  Of course they did.  You could make your very own mutant animal and do battle with the forces of evil!  I spent many a fine hour with my friends Brian and Suleiman - smiting enemies with submachine guns. Good times.  This was all before the cartoon started and the TMNT became the pale shadow they are now.

Another feature of the 80s was that we were all pretty sure we weren't going to be seeing the 90s.  Nuclear hell-fire was coming and the world was going to be a glowing ruin.  The RPGs of the time reflected it - Paranoia, Twilight 2000, Aftermath! and the daddy of them all Gamma World.  Not to be out done TMNT RPG had After the Bomb.  Really the mutant animal thing was really just waiting for this treatment.

I never did get to play a game in this setting.  I did, however, plan plenty of games and read the hell out of this book.  Like all the TMNT RPG books it's filled with great art by Kevin Eastman.  Not to mention it's awesome wrap around cover.