WiP 07.16.19

Summer is a distracting time but I have managed to make some things.

Not the least of which is the video games. Especially since I finally got my computer situation upgraded and can finally play Oxygen Not Included and Fallout 4. Not to mention the car needing a load of repairs and smogging and blah blah. June was a pretty distracting month.

Something about Apples and trees?

Another project after upgrading was getting all my software set-up again. The other day I finally got around to getting everything in place to do more databending. I celebrated by bending a bunch of data. Most of them I’m not going to show you, partly because I’m not super happy with them and partly because they use copyrighted material. So it goes.

Anyway! The first one is an old picture I found of my young friend Q and his dad way back when Q was a baby.

I started using a lot of Photoshop into my databent pictures a while ago but I kicked it up a notch with this one. Much more complex layering and manipulation than I’ve done before.

I was so happy with it I tried using some of the same techniques I’d worked out on a self portrait. I’m fairly happy with how it turned out.

Self portrait with goggles

Other than the computer ugrades and care repairs and such things I’ve been managing to get out of the house walk around and stuff.


On one of those excursions I went to Picchetti Winery and came across this super chill peacock hanging out in the shade next to the trail. Tons of people walking by but he couldn’t be bothered.

Also - I’ve been running a Star Wars Edge of Empire game for Q and his family. They recently rescued an Ithorian Jedi from a Star Destroyer.

His name is Larquin and I drew a picture of him.

If you want to see more sketches and random pictures from my walks you should head on over to my Instagram Runcible_Things or over on Facebook.



WiP Wednesday 6/4/19

It’s been a while. I went to Maker Faire, saw a documentary about Woodstock featuring my dad and am slowly building a Jawa ion blaster for my young friend Q. It’s been painted, and is actually nearly done, since these pics were taken but I’m bad about documenting progress. I’ll throw something up on Instagram probably.

Other than that I’ve spent a bunch of time designing a board game! No details yet but I’ve nearly put together a working prototype and have at least one friend willing to playtest it with me.

That’s it for now.


WiP Wednesday 05/15/19

I don’t have much to show this week unfortunately., My young friend Q has decided that he wants to be a Jawa for Halloween this year and I’ve started making an ion blaster for him. Unfortunately I haven’t taken any pictures of it. Some will probably show up on the Instagrams at some point.

In the meantime have a look at some re-envisioned Star Wars designs from the designer who worked on The Empire Strikes back and Return of the Jedi.


WiP Wednesday 05/08/19

Had a busy weekend of pretending to be both a fairy/angel hybrid and a robot. I didn’t get a whole lot done again. I did, however, make some progress on the space pirate. He’s nearly done I think.

I’m putting printing on the list for the next week. I’ve got work to do!

It looks like I’ve got a crew together for Maker Faire! Woohoo! It’s always more fun when you go with other people.

Alright, that’s it for t his week.


WiP Wednesday 5/1/19 - April? Never heard of it.

April was a slow month.

But I did work on a couple of things.

Space Pirate! I’ve had this figure from Treasure Planet for a while and decided to finally give it a repaint. Here we see a nearly completed base base coat.

First I started repainting this space pirate figure from Treasure Planet. It doesn’t look like much now, but I’m only just finishing up the base coat. There are many washes and dry-brushings to come

Also I started printing the BeeKnot for the subscriber prints. So that’s not nothing.

Maker Faire is coming up this month! I’m getting a group of friends together this year. Should be a good, inspirational time!

That’s all for now.


WiP Wednesday 03/27/19

Actually on a Wednesday this time.

I was sick last week and didn’t get much done but here’s a couple things I did. A character sketch for a new Through the Breach game I’m going to be playing in.

His name is Elmyr Dunch and he’s obsessesed with the preservation of ancient artifacts. Also he has a rat friend and a backpack of useful things.

I also bought and painted some steam arachnids for the next time I play Malifaux.

That’s it for now.


WiP Wednesday 03/14/19

I know, it’s actually Thursday. Work with me.

I didn’t do quite as much as I would have liked but I did start on a new car.

The original look was really fake and cartoony. The engine was just white plastic.and it had stickers with some badass cobras on them. So I sprayed the whole thing black and started over.

I started out with a black and yellow color scheme inspired by the cop cars from Mad Max. I decided that since it was a cartoony muscle car I’d go with something garish. And so it became a purple and yellow kind of Tokyo Drift sort of thing. The paint job was pretty bad. I didn’t need it to be good though because I knew I would be covering most of it up again anyway.

Then came the weathering! Yay weathering!

This one is going to end up in a scene but I this time I want to put it on a road instead of just abandoned and overgrown.

I think that’s it.


WiP Wednesday 03/06/19

This week I finished up the robot gorilla I started a couple months back. Originally I had envisioned a desert setting but it morphed into more of a scrub/steppe sort of environment.

Exposure to the elements has stripped away whatever markings or decorations that may have once adorned it’s surface. Erasing all evidence to the identity of the builders of this strange machine or what use it was put to.

It seems likely that I will continue to fool around with the site so that should be fun.

That’s it for now.


Messin' around

I’ve been messing around with the site tonight. I think there’s going to be do that a fair bit in the near future. Things might come and go for a bit while I figure it out. Right now I’ve messed around with the gallery layout a bit and removed some stuff.

Anyway, I just added a bunch of stuff to Sketchbook so maybe have a look a that.


WiP Wednesday 2/27/19

I’ve been working on a thing or two this week.

Like a cute robot armed with a flamethrower and a big knife.

I did some databending on a picture I took while out on a walk early one morning.

And finally - I’ve been working on some prints! I’ve been wanting to do bee themed print but nothing I came up with was satisfying. Then I came across this celtic knot bee design.

I’m really liking it - it’s possible i’ll carve it again now that I have a better idea what I’m doing but overall I’m happy with it..

That’s all for now.


I'm not dead yet!

I’ve just been really focused on my new job at the print shop.

That’s right, I quit working with books after spending most of my life doing it. Now I’m working at a print shop that is somehow even closer to home than the bookstore was.

Print-shop life is pretty hectic and has been taking up a great deal of my brain. In addition to art making that I need to get back to exercising. I had been pretty good about getting exercise outside before the smoke from the fires in California stopped me. Then it was rainy and cold, then just cold. But the time has come to get back on that horse.

I’ll finally be sending out the Patreon rewards prints for autumn/winter and spring/summer as well as the year end print.

.Keep an eye on this space for more developments and art and stuff

Is that it? I think that’s it for now.


See you in a bit.


Work In Progress Wednesday

I got a new job! I've left the bookstore behind and started working at a print shop near my house. I'm still in CustServ but at least it isn't retail. It's been completely eating my brain for the past couple weeks, which is why I haven't been posting anything.

I have not, however, been completely idle. I accepted a challenge to write a twenty page comic story.and I've also been doing some sketches for the super hero game I've been running.

For the comics challenge - Our hero, Elmer Dunch, space salvageer and captain of the Potkan

The Potkan - Elmer Dunch's salvage vessel complete with grabby hands

Also I've also been doing some sketches for the super hero game I've been running.

The Norse God Ratatoskr as a modern superhero. Rather than running up and down the World Tree he runs around on the World Wide Web.

Ratatoskr as he appears in cyberspace

A super villain with a magic helmet. That's all I've got so far.

I think that's it for now.


WIP Wednesday

Making some progress on the Cybersaurus Rex. I've named her 5U3.

I picked up some model train foliage at the hobby store. I've been able to use it to build out the trees and bushes a bit. They look a bit less blobby now, I'm happy with that. I also discovered the disadvantage of using real twigs - I snapped a couple of them by accident while trying to glue things to them.

The next thing is to buy some artificial flower stuff and use it for it's tiny leaves and ferns and fill in the jungle a bit more.

I think that's it for now.


Throwback Thursday

For Throwback Thursday I present the one and only intaglio print I've ever done. It was for a class I took at Foothill back in the previous century.

I did a stream!

A couple days ago I did a stream on my personal FB page. it went pretty well I think. A few people even watched!

It's me printing up a few of the Cabin prints for the Patreon subscriber.

I think that's it.


Altered Carbon

I watched Altered Carbon on Netflix over the past week. It was not bad. I'm not saying it was particularly good but you don't have a lot of options for oppressive cyberpunk dystopias on film.

Some of the world building seemed a little sloppy - it's a bit unclear on exactly where the spare bodies, called sleeves, come from. I'm not the sort that needs to have every aspect of a sci-fi world to be explained to me but it seemed more driven by the plot than actual logic.

I think the only character I actually liked was the AI based on Edgar Allen Poe that ran a hotel called the Raven. Everybody else was 'touch as nails' and they made sure to throw in as many f-bombs as the could so you knew that. The male lead, the female lead, all the supporting characters - everybody was kind of an ass, except Poe.

Poe - who is fascinated by humans but hasn't had a real live guest in his hotel for 47 years. Poe who gladly helps his guests with whatever it is they may need. Be that a room, companionship,  machine gunning the thugs who are hassling you.performing psycho-surgery on your traumatized, disembodied daughter.

Like I said, I liked it well enough. The visuals are really quite nice (somebody has seen Blade Runner a few times) and the story is not bad. The characters? Well it is cyberpunk and I guess it captures that 80's and 90's tough guy thing pretty damn well.

That's all for now.