Angry Street Part 1

I've decided to try my hand at game design.  It's called Angry Street and it was inspired by some toy cars I had been painting to be all Mad Maxy.  I thought it would be fun to have a sort of driving combat game you could play with them.

After many months of vaguely thinking about it I finally got inspiration.  I quickly typed up some rules and sent them to my friend Ted who had agreed to help me out.

A few more weeks went by and then one day at Game Kastle, after singular game of Malifaux Ted and I finally got to talk about it.  It had been weeks since I even looked at the document I had made.  Which was probably for the best, since the rules we hammered out that afternoon were much better than what I had written.

Ted and I got together this past Saturday to play test it.  It went really well!  It was fun to play.  I still need to write up all changes we came up with.  I'm starting to feel pretty good about it.  I might actually be able to make a game!