Old Service Revolver

I just finished, well almost, my latest commissioned Nerf gun.  Another Hammershot for another Dark Prospects player.

This time I was told it was an old service revolver and it should look kind of beat up.

Since it was supposed to be a standard issue I went with a simple look.  The whole thing is one kind of metal.  For the weathering I had originally thought about trying to make dents or something.  Eventually I decided that wasn't really feasible and went with a slightly rusty look.

Since the Nerf logo on the Hammershot is in a really annoying place to sand I tried something new for dealing with it.  Instead of grinding it out with my not-a-dremel I cut a couple pieces of foam to fit over it and then made some 'rivets' with globs of hot glue.

Time to wrap the handle and deliver it to it's owner.