Worthy of comment

I have been victorious in my struggle with the dastardly comments settings!

Since I missed Throwback Thursday due to illness I will make it up to you now with this.


This is where it all started.  My very first Dungeons and Dragons rulebook.  Back then the whole rulebook was less than 50 pages.

And how could you resist that picture!  A knight and a wizard about to face a dragon!  Just like in the Hobbit!!  The box it came in had the same picture but in full color.  It was great!  The dragon was red, sitting on his huge-mongous pile of gold.  The different colored gems peeking out among the coins.  And that sword, right there at the front.  You just knew it was magic!

There have been many rulebooks and many editions since then, but this is where it all began.  And I still have it.  That's not just some picture I found on the internet, it's a scan of the real deal.