I know I've been pretty quiet for the last little while.  It turns out that I had a badly infected cavity in  a place I've had so much dental work done it didn't even hurt.  So I had no idea why I was so constantly run down.  "Must be allergies" I thought. That's my go to.  Funny how often it's wrong.

Anyway, had a root canal on Wednesday and I'm on antibiotics so I'm feeling quite a lot better.

Here's a little something I whipped up last night.  I've worked with this image on and off again for quite a while now.  I like it, but I've never been quite able to get it to work to my satisfaction.  This version started as a lino-cut proof I had filled in with colored pencil to get an idea of what colors I wanted.  I came across it while straightening things up the other day and decided I should try to scan it and do something with it.  So here you go.

I really didn't do that much to the original image.  I cropped it a bit and blurred the background to give it some depth.  I like the paper cutout look it ended up with.