Steam Punk World's Fair

Last weekend was Con Weekend, or as some of you may know it Memorial Day Weekend.  Naturally all the cosplay videos are starting come out.  This one is from The Steampunk World's Fair in New Jersey.

Not everybody is very steampunky, I'm looking at you Road Warrior.  He did have a nominal steampunk touch to his gun so I guess it counts.  Speaking of guns.  Enough with the Mavericks!  Yeah, they look cool but it's been so over done.  A book came in and one of the characters on the cover was holding one for crisakes.  Can we at least get some of the variants like the Hammershot or the Sweet Revenge?  I did see a Doublestrike, though.  I'm actually working on a Doublestrike right now.  I'll have a post up about it later.