Todays Results

Here are a few things I managed to get finished today.

First up we have The Mandarin.  This action figure is of the classic, and problematic, comic book version of the Iron Man villain.  The original colors were pretty garish.  Bright yellow plastic for the gold bits.  I was just going to paint the yellow parts gold.  That was never going to be all I did though.  I think he's done now.  Or as done as he's going to get right now.

Next up - Easter Island Head

I had bought some Sculpey a while back because it seemed like something I should have handy.  I never really knew what to do with it, though.  So the other night I decided just to make something.  So now you can see the result - a slightly weird looking Easter Island statue that is exactly the right size to use as a terrain element in Malifaux, or other miniatures game.

Finally I have some bottles that I finished.   I'm pretty pleased with them.  I'm hoping the cap on the tallest bottle will stay on the cork.  I attached it with Mod Podge and I'm not sure how strong it will be if somebody really crams the cork into the neck.

It'll be fine.

In other news I've closed the RunciblePrints Etsy shop.  I realized that the name kind of limited me in what I could sell there.  Changing the name seemed to be more difficult than I expected.  So I decided that it was just as easy to close the old store and open a new one.  Therefore -  Watch this space for the debut of RuncibleThings on Etsy.

All these things I've been working on today are to build up a good variety of products before I open up.

That's all for now.