Millenium Falcon!

I found some model kits of ships from The Force Awakens on sale the other day.  I had some birthday money in my pocket so I figured 'what the hell' and bought myself a Millennium Falcon.

It's snap together kit so I didn't expect it to be very complex.  It was so simple, however, that I was very unsatisfied with it once I got it together.  Part of that was that the kit was 'pre-painted'.  Which in this case meant that parts that weren't bare plastic were painted colors.  So I hit it with a liberal black wash followed up with some white dry brush.  Voila!

I'm generally pleased with how it came out.  Then I came across this.

Then I cam across this Diorama on the Replica Prop Forum's Facebook page that uses the same kit.  I may have to do another one.