Companion Cubes

I've been having a lot of fun making companion cubes lately.

Here it is in all it's funky hand-made glory. The Ur-Cube.

Here it is in all it's funky hand-made glory.
The Ur-Cube.

It all started years ago.  I had just started making props and at the time I was really interested in making cubes out of various materials.  My young friend Q's birthday was coming up. Q was deep into portal at the time.  Naturally I decided I would make him a companion cube. I learned a lot making that first cube.  Mostly, how not to make a Companion Cube.

Time passes.  Q is now eight years old.  I've started working on projects with him on the occasional Friday afternoon.  First we built some Papertoy Monsters.  After that it was time for something a little more ambitious.  A Companion Cube of his very own.

From time to time over the last couple years I would contemplate the "Companion Cube Problem".  Letting it turn over in the back of my mind.  So when it came time for Q to construct his own Companion Cube I had a plan.  This cube would be smaller than the first one and slightly less accurate but I could prep all the pieces into a kit that Q could build. 

The original prototype for the cubes became Professor C. Johnson's Patented Companionship Cube which now lives with my friend Five.

Q's very own, hand-made, artisinal Companion Cube.  Like a good artist he is not quite satisfied and wants to make some alterations.

While Q was painting his cube I decided I should paint one of my own.  Facebook said I should put companion cubes on each side - Behold, the HyperCube.

RobCo brand

I wasn't done yet, though.  I had one more theme that needed doing.  A post-apocalyptic, Fallout style Companion Cube.

So that is the story of the Companion Cubes.  I think there will be more.  Facebook suggested several other themes I think I'd like try.