Bill the Galactic Hero

It's been a long time since I read this.  It's a satirical take on the the military scifi like Starship Troopers. As I remember, a farmhand gets talked into joining up for the Space Army (or whatever it's called) and embarks on a series of wacky misadventures.  At one point he loses his arm very heroically.  Unfortunately the hospital is all out of right arms and he ends up with a left arm for a right arm.

Pretty much every other depiction of Bill I've ever seen is a satirical recruitment poster sort of thing.  A happy soldier smiling and saluting with an upside down hand.  The artist here went in an odd direction.  Turning Bill into a grotesque.  I don't feel it captures the spirit of the book at all.  I've always felt the the artist hadn't actually read it.  He or she was probably given a broad strokes description and a brief description of the character.  "It's a military scifi thing.  Oh, and the main character has two left arms."

I've never actually liked this cover that much.  Mostly it's the arm thing.  Also the face.