The Captain's Sidearm

This project is inspired primarily by Malcolm Reynold's pistol in Firefly butI also had Han Solo's DL-44 in mind.  Of course the Blade Runner gun is always somewhere in there.

The Captain's Sidearm is designed to be big and impressive.  Not only is it a physically bulky weapon, when it is fired it creates an inordinate amount of light and noise.  A powerful blaster in it's own right it will intimidate enemies and mutineers alike.  No Space Cowboy should be without one.

Hammershot with new barrel and trigger glued in place.

I started with the shell of Nerf Hammershot.  I cut off the bar that holds the cylinder in place since I wasn't going to be using it.  Instead I had piece left over another gun I had partially disassembled.  I hot glued the barrel in place.  Then I took a couple pieces from the inner workings of some other Nerf gun to use as a 'scope'.

Handle modified and scope in place.  Partially primed.

Handle modified and scope in place.  Partially primed.

Since this prop isn't going to fire I glued the body together and filled the screw holes with plumbers epoxy.  I also filled the slot on the back where the hammer would normally move back and forth.

There was a large hole on the bottom of the handle that proved to be problematic.  I had tried filling it with epoxy but didn't like the results.  So I molded a piece of sculpey to round out the bottom. I glued that in place and filled the gaps with epoxy.   Then sanded everything smooth.

I ground off the faux wrappings on the handle while I was at it.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the handle but even if I'm going to be putting fabric over it, grinding it down makes it less bulky.  I did accidentally grind all the way through one spot.  It was small and I fixed it with epoxy.

I also ground out the end of the barrel piece so I could insert of piece of PVC as a another barrel peaking out from under the cooling shroud.

Rub n Buff - never leave home without it.


With the handle finished it was time to finish priming and get to painting.  This is the first pass of Rub n Buff.   As you can see I've cut the PVC part of the barrel a bit shorter and removed part of the scope. Things were starting to come together.  I needed to decide what I would do with the grip.

I went with wood graining the entire handle figuring I could always wrap it if it came out crappy.  It didn't, though!  I also think the oversized wooden handle makes gives it that rustic feel that all the best space cowboys are going for these days.

As a finishing touch I put a red bead in the front of scope (actually a 'blood bead' from the Vampire LARP I occasionally play in).  Finally, it was time for a little weathering, dry-brushing and sealing and the Captain's Sidearm is ready to quell a mutiny or liberate a cargo.

So shiny....