A bit of a rant...

A thing is bothering me.  That's not true, lots of things are bothering me but I'm only going to talk about one right now.  It has to do with Facebook etiquette.  If such a thing could be said to exist.

A friend of mine posts a picture of a necklace she likes.  A male friend takes it upon himself to mention how lovely it would look on her oh so lovely neck, mmmmm.  I've noticed similar comments on other fashion related posts she's made.  It just seems inappropriate to me, not to mention a touch harass-y.

Admittedly similar comments from women don't tend to bother me.  This is because my perception is that the women commenting are making a more objective and less leering assessment.  Also, the context of the society at large cannot be forgotten.  Women have to deal with this sort of thing all day long from strangers, why should they have to deal with it friends on Facebook too.