Surfing Samurai Robots


That's right, Surfing Samurai Robots because I think we could all use a little levity about now.  Written by Mel Gilden, Surfing Samurai Robots is the story of a small, white alien with a large nose and an obsession with Philip Marlowe.

His name is Zoot and he lands in a future version of LA where, you guessed it, Surfing Samurai Robots are all the rage.  That's robotic samurai that surf. It's not a metaphor or a band name or anything like that.  When all the SSRs disappear it's up Zoot to find out what happened.

It's a deeply silly book as I think this, almost excessively, 90s style cover depicts quite well.  On the other hand this book is what got me to read Raymond Chandler.  So there's that.