Bottles? Bottles.

The Hoildays are over (at least for me, your mileage may vary).  Life can start to return to it's normal pattern.  Maybe not completely, but mostly.

I can't believe it took me this long to think of using the lino-cut blocks for making labels.  I'm kinda slow sometimes.  I started off doing just a few with some old designs to test and it worked really well.  I have to use an oil based ink (such a pain to clean up) so the designs aren't destroyed by the weathering process.

I'll certainly be cutting some label specific designs soon.


Years ago this dove was originally going to be for an xmas card.  Maybe it will be again someday.

My second (I think) ever lino-cut. Done twentyish years ago. I was never very hapy with it until I saw it on this bottle.