WIP Wednesday - Jericho

I've begun work on the subscription prints. You can check out both designs for the Autumn/Winter prints over on the Patreon.

I started on the monster, his name is Jericho by the way. This one has been really challenging. The transfer image I finally used was my fourth attempt to make a version of the original I could actually carve into linoleum. I started carefully carving it out. There were a few mishaps, the mouth didn't survive, but I was feeling pretty good about it over all.

It wasn't until I made my first proof that I realized I had screwed up the left hand. All that work! My coworker, Loren, said it looked fine, you don't even notice. That was very nice of him but I notice and it's not good enough.

So, it's back to the beginning. I did use tracing paper for the proof so I'm hoping to use that as my transfer this time and save a step.