My name is Sean George and Runcible Things is the name of my studio. I am an illustrator, graphic designer and maker of strange things. I tend to bounce around between all of these things with pretty reckless abandon.

Back again again

Back again again

Ok, that was a rough couple of months and I didn't manage to get any posting done.

The Forest Gate nears completion

I still made a few things. I finished up the block for the Cabin print for the subscribers series, built a Spooky Forest Gate diorama for fun, and decorated a box for my dad. I'll have pictures and more complete write-ups on those projects in the near future.

Also - I've got the Etsy store up and running again again! Reference Han and I took a bunch of pictures and now there's a bunch of stuff up on the store ready for your perusal. There's more to come too. I'm hoping to get up at least a couple items a week for the next while or so. I've got a bunch of stuff kicking around might as well put it to work.

Part of the reason for my absence is I've hit a rough patch with my main job. Posting might still be spotty for a bit while that settles down. You understand.

Ok, well that's it for now I think.

Have fun!


WiP Wednesday

WiP Wednesday

Back at Work

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