My name is Sean George and Runcible Things is the name of my studio. I am an illustrator, graphic designer and maker of strange things. I tend to bounce around between all of these things with pretty reckless abandon.

WiP Wednesday

WiP Wednesday

The store was out of the oil based ink I want for the subscriber prints. So that's going to take a little longer while I find another source.

Alright, let's put some ink on paper...

In the meantime I decided it had been too long since I printed anything. I had some paper left over and ended up with 10 sheets. I wanted to print some Robots since I hadn't actually pulled any since I did the final proof way back when. I had also been wanting to frame some of the Basalisks but can't find the stack of prints I had already made. So I did five of each.

The Robots came out mostly ok. I have 2 maybe three prints I feel good about. The Basalisk however - oh the Basalisk vexed me.

Out of ten pulls I ended up with only four usable prints.

I got one good print out of those. It's those big black areas, they're always a problem. Not enough pressure and it comes out light or, as you see, bits of grit raise the paper off the block and create white spots.

I think that's it for now.


I Live!

Back again again

Back again again

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