I'm not dead yet!

I’ve just been really focused on my new job at the print shop.

That’s right, I quit working with books after spending most of my life doing it. Now I’m working at a print shop that is somehow even closer to home than the bookstore was.

Print-shop life is pretty hectic and has been taking up a great deal of my brain. In addition to art making that I need to get back to exercising. I had been pretty good about getting exercise outside before the smoke from the fires in California stopped me. Then it was rainy and cold, then just cold. But the time has come to get back on that horse.

I’ll finally be sending out the Patreon rewards prints for autumn/winter and spring/summer as well as the year end print.

.Keep an eye on this space for more developments and art and stuff

Is that it? I think that’s it for now.


See you in a bit.