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Altered Carbon

I watched Altered Carbon on Netflix over the past week. It was not bad. I'm not saying it was particularly good but you don't have a lot of options for oppressive cyberpunk dystopias on film.

Some of the world building seemed a little sloppy - it's a bit unclear on exactly where the spare bodies, called sleeves, come from. I'm not the sort that needs to have every aspect of a sci-fi world to be explained to me but it seemed more driven by the plot than actual logic.

I think the only character I actually liked was the AI based on Edgar Allen Poe that ran a hotel called the Raven. Everybody else was 'touch as nails' and they made sure to throw in as many f-bombs as the could so you knew that. The male lead, the female lead, all the supporting characters - everybody was kind of an ass, except Poe.

Poe - who is fascinated by humans but hasn't had a real live guest in his hotel for 47 years. Poe who gladly helps his guests with whatever it is they may need. Be that a room, companionship,  machine gunning the thugs who are hassling you.performing psycho-surgery on your traumatized, disembodied daughter.

Like I said, I liked it well enough. The visuals are really quite nice (somebody has seen Blade Runner a few times) and the story is not bad. The characters? Well it is cyberpunk and I guess it captures that 80's and 90's tough guy thing pretty damn well.

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