My name is Sean George and Runcible Things is the name of my studio. I am an illustrator, graphic designer and maker of strange things. I tend to bounce around between all of these things with pretty reckless abandon.

WiP Wednesday 8/1/18 - Cars : Angry Street

WiP Wednesday 8/1/18 - Cars : Angry Street


I saw this article about a month ago about a guy who was bashing military models with hot wheels and creating cool post-apocalypse vehicles a la the Mad Max franchise. I thought to myself "Hey! I should get back to doing that sort of thing!"

I had some Cars toys that had come from the thrift store kicking around and some leftover bits from various old sets of miniatures. I grabbed some glue and paint and got to work.

After a submarine voiced by Sean Connery goes rogue and starts a nuclear exchange the world of becomes a desolate wasteland where only the angriest survive. This is the world of Cars : Angry Street .

I had actually been working on a game called Angry Street using some modded hot wheels cars and this project got me in the mood to work on it again. Unfortunately I seem to have lost all my notes about how the game worked so I'm back to square one.


I'm not dead yet!

I'm not dead yet!

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