WiP Wednesday 03/14/19

I know, it’s actually Thursday. Work with me.

I didn’t do quite as much as I would have liked but I did start on a new car.

The original look was really fake and cartoony. The engine was just white plastic.and it had stickers with some badass cobras on them. So I sprayed the whole thing black and started over.

I started out with a black and yellow color scheme inspired by the cop cars from Mad Max. I decided that since it was a cartoony muscle car I’d go with something garish. And so it became a purple and yellow kind of Tokyo Drift sort of thing. The paint job was pretty bad. I didn’t need it to be good though because I knew I would be covering most of it up again anyway.

Then came the weathering! Yay weathering!

This one is going to end up in a scene but I this time I want to put it on a road instead of just abandoned and overgrown.

I think that’s it.