Penguin Gun

I did this as part of a set of small pistols for a friend of mine a few months back.

She had this one and a Doublestrike that she wanted painted with a  theme inspired by an old derringer in a display case in her childhood home.  Because I am so terrible at documenting my own work I only have a picture of this one.

I learned a lot about masking and using a lighter touch with the spray paint.   It might be worth investing in an airbrush at some point.

I really do things other than paint Nerf guns.  I really do.  It's just that I've been doing a lot of this sort of thing recently.

If you want proof of the things I've done that don't involve Nerf at all you can check out my Deviant Art page.


Old Service Revolver

I just finished, well almost, my latest commissioned Nerf gun.  Another Hammershot for another Dark Prospects player.

This time I was told it was an old service revolver and it should look kind of beat up.

Since it was supposed to be a standard issue I went with a simple look.  The whole thing is one kind of metal.  For the weathering I had originally thought about trying to make dents or something.  Eventually I decided that wasn't really feasible and went with a slightly rusty look.

Since the Nerf logo on the Hammershot is in a really annoying place to sand I tried something new for dealing with it.  Instead of grinding it out with my not-a-dremel I cut a couple pieces of foam to fit over it and then made some 'rivets' with globs of hot glue.

Time to wrap the handle and deliver it to it's owner.