Red Wall

 It has been over twenty years since I read Red Wall by Brian Jacques.  You can see those years on the cover of this copy.  I only ever read it the once but it's been bumped around a lot and been through many moves.

It is a fun book and remarkably accurate in it's depiction of life in a medieval abbey, despite the fact that all the characters are anthropomorphized animals.  The abbey of Redwall is a good place to live.  Various 'nice' rodents species live together in harmony. "Nice" being things like mice, rabbits, otters and so on.  One day a band of bandits consisting of 'bad' rodents shows ups - rats, weasels, etc.  Being an abbey the residents of Redwall are not very well prepared to hold off the bandits.  So it falls to Matthias, a hapless apprentice, to fulfill a prophecy by recovering the weapons of a great hero of the past.  Finally he must confront Cluny the Scourge, the one eyed bilge rat who leads the horde.

The cover of redwall has changed over time but I think I like this one best.  Not just because it was my first but because it evokes the flavor of the setting so well.

One of the things about this project is that I keep finding artifacts in these old books I haven't looked at in ages.  For instance I found this old bus transfer.  Turns out it's been nearly twenty four years since I read this.