Beetle, giant

As a part of the Monster Manual Project I proudly present to you Beetle Comma Giant.

I don't think I ever really noticed the person hiding behind the tree before.  I made them a little more obvious in my version.


"All beetles are basically unintelligent and always hungry"  AD&D Monster Manual

Ape, carnivorous

"The carnivorous ape is a larger, stronger and very aggressive relative of the gorilla...It hunger particularly for human flesh."  AD&D Monster Manual

Next up on the Monster Manual Project - Ape, carnivorous.  

Basically it's the sort of gorilla you would see in a Tarzan movie.


Monster Manual Project - Week 1 part 1

So begins the great Monster Manual project of 2016.

What is the Monster Manual Project?  Glad you asked.

Over the next year I am going to be recreating all of the monster portraits in the original Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual, in order.  To get done in a year I have to do about five a week.  That's a lot of drawing and that's the point. 

Today we start with the Ankheg, Ape and Axebeak.

I'll admit I cheaped out a bit on the Ape (which I believe is called Carnivorous Ape in later editions) but I'm not displeased with it.  Three down, two to go for this week.