What if Humanity reached the stars only to find out that we are far from the first to get there.?  Only one other species in the history of all the galaxies has made it space on their own - The Progenitors.  Since then every other species has been Uplifted by another.  The answer to the Fermi Paradox is that our entire star system was being left fallow so that new life could evolve to be Uplifted.

In addition to reaching space on our own, Humans have alsostarted Uplifting other species on our planet, Neo-dolphins and Neo-Chimps. That makes Humans quite curiosity in a society that doesn't like surprises.

This cover is very simple but helps to establish the feeling of the book.  A silver globesuspended in the fires of the sun.  Only surviving with the help of the crumbs of technology Humanity has been given.  Could life possibly exist in such a hostile environment?



Something old is new

Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein
Copyright 1984 Berkeley Books

Artwork Copyright Carl Lundgren 1979

Back in the Before-Time I used to maintain a LiveJournal.  I did a series of posts for a while that featured scans of book covers from my collection, mostly old mass market paperbacks.  I've decided it's time to start that again.

Tuesday is the day new books come out at the bookstore.  So that's the day I'm going to post the pictures.

I'm starting off with one of the oldest books in my collection.  Given to me by my parents in my early teen years.  I loved powered armor and the arachnids with holes blasted in them.  The opening scene is an amazing battle scene.  Troops being dropped onto a planet from orbit is probably one my most enduring SciFi images.  I would like to take a moment to thank John Scalzi for including it occasionally in his Old Man's War books.  In fact my first thought when reading Old Man's War was "it's like a geriatric Starship Troopers."